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About us

About Sea Horse Hong Kong

Wits for Win
Sea Horse believes that excellent products, reasonable prices and good after-sales service are essentials to establish a successful brand. To let customers enjoy good sleep under reasonable prices is always our mission.

Company Profile
Seven Sea Chemicals Group, founded in 1987, was established in the production, wholesale and retail including mattresses, pillows, bedding, sofas, and sections of the furniture. Headquarters in Hong Kong. It has a worldwide business covering Hong Kong, PRC, Singapore, Canada, UK and Malaysia.

Track of Glory
Sea Horse is a renowned brand name. Its mattresses and pillows have also been the best sellers in Hong Kong and Singapore. And Sea Horse mattresses achieved No 1 in terms of sales volume with lion’s share in Hong Kong for 21 consecutive years. This unprecedented record has entirely reflected brand recognition in the consumers’ mind, further consolidating the market leadership position. Even 5-star hotels, public organizations, university dormitories and elderly homes patronize Sea Horse mattresses and pillows.

All of these proved that the extraordinary quality and professional image of Sea Horse has been recognized by all walks of life. With the help of advanced technology, Sea Horse has been honored repeatedly in the market. These include:- the Governor’s Award for Industry of the Consumer Product Design Excellence Award in 1992 and 1993; the HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence in 1993; the Hong Kong Top Ten Brand Name by The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong in 2002; the Hong Kong Super Brand in 2004. 

Meanwhile, in 2008 -2009, continuing its success, Sea Horse attained ISO9001 accreditation, and was voted for the Hong Kong Brand – Gold Award by nationwide consumers; the Greater China Super Brands Award 2008 by East Week; the Brand Original from Hong Kong 2008 by Capital Entrepreneurs; the Hong Kong Proud Corporate Brand – Award Judging Panel in 2008 and the Hong Kong Proud Corporate Brand in 2009 – the Most Potential Enterprise Award by Ming Pao. Besides, Sea Horse was also awarded the 2009 Hong Kong Trust Brand – Gold Award by Reader Digest both in Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Furthermore, we had won Hong Kong Premier Brand as well. All these awards solidify Sea Horse as a world renowned brand. In the future, Sea Horse will continue to excel in the industry.

About Sea Horse Hong Kong

Vision Statement
The true value within Sea Horse Furniture is it’s Emphasis on the modest ambitions, careful expansion and continual reinvestment. Above all a sharp focus on customer service. We endeavour the control of costing in order to be as competitive as possible. Also to prioritise quality, continuity, serviceability, design and craftmanship, we aim to achieve goals and to form a strategic alliance within the market.


Product Specifications
American white oak Oil finishes & Lacquer finishes Aluminium handles, polished nickle finish.

We reserve the right to alter designs, dimensions, materials and price without prior notice. Specifications are believed to be correct at time of of publication colour are accurate as process allows.