Ts&Cs - Solid Oak Furniture

1. The Meanings of Terms Used

The terms "we", "ours", "us" or "the company" used in this document refers to Sea Horse Furniture.

2. Acceptance of Orders from Customers

All orders are accepted on these Terms and Conditions only and any Terms and Conditions you may give us which purport to oust these Terms and Conditions shall not be deemed to be accepted by us unless we specifically agreed in writing. None of our employees or agents is authorised to give you any assurances, which are not standard, and you must not rely on any assurances even if you have been given them.

3. Extent of Our Contract

These terms and Conditions and the agreed price form your agreement with us. Nothing else that you may have been told or seen is part of this agreement. For example, pictures and descriptions given in any promotional literature are intended to give general guidance and are not exact specifications. Our promotional literature is not part of the terms and conditions on which we sell you the goods.

4. Cancellation of Orders

4.1 If you cancel the order after we have accepted it, you will have to pay the full price agreed.

4.2 If you failed to do something you have agreed to do under these terms and conditions then we will then cancel the order as per our agreement.

4.3 If the company were unable to carry through the contract under no fault of our own, we may cancel your order and all monies and deposit paid in respect to the part and/or whole of cancelled order will be refunded in full.

5. Delivery of Order

5.1 The terms of delivery are Freight On Board (FOB) 5 weeks upon which full deposit payment is received.

5.2 We reserve the rights not to deliver your full order should unforeseen circumstances arises such as over-loaded containers. This shall not form a basis for you to refuse the whole and/or part of the order.

5.3 The customer is responsible to ensure that the good are well taken care of whilst loading and unloading. The company shall not be responsible for any losses, injuries and/or damages excluding manufacturing defects.

5.4 All claims for breakages and/or damages must be notified to us in writing within 7 working days from the day of receipt of your container. This is absolute and broken items must be retained for our inspection.

6. Payment

6.1 Customers are to pay 50% of the value of the goods ordered as deposit and the balance of 50% of payment is to be made in the form of Letter of Credit or Tele-Transfer upon the issuance of the Bill Of Lading.

6.2 The Customer should pay the full amount upon the release of the original Bill Of Lading.

6.3 Only accept bank transfer for all solid wood furniture.

7. Ownership of the Goods

The company retains the rights of ownership of the goods even after the release of Bill Of Lading unless full payment is received.

8. Special Requirements by Customers

Any special requirement by the customer should be made directly to our Sales Office and we will try our best to accommodate with reference to the International Standards and any extra and additional costs incurred will be borne by the customer. However, the company should not be held liable and/or responsible should the goods is of non-compliance with the industry standards which is made according to the customer's request.

9. Reserved Rights to Change

Sea Horse Furniture reserves the rights to change the above without prior notice.

Any items Purchased / ordered as “special order” for whatever reason, or items specifically sold as “Seconds”, “Ex Display” is exempt from the above return policy. Any restrictions to this policy will be confirmed with your order.